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Quote of the Day!

Well, welcome everyone! The answer to the quote yesterday is Seinfeld and it's Jerry and Kramer. Good job peoples.

Sarah: 44
Daniel: 50
Jennifer: 32
Jaime: 0
Melissa: 0
Hannah: 10 RIP

I just wrote my first exam. It took like, half an hour. Good times. I'm not in a chatty here's the new quote:

C1: It seems when you left Earth, 3 million years ago, you left two half-eaten German sausages on a plate in your kitchen. Do you know what happens to sausages left unattended for 3 million years?
C2: Yeah, they go moldy.
C1: Your sausages now cover seven-eights of the Earth's surface. Also, you left £17.50 in your bank account. Thanks to compound interest, you now own 98% of all the world's wealth. And because you've hoarded it for 3 million years, nobody's got any money except for you and Norweb.
C2: Why Norweb?
C1: You left a light on in the bathroom. I've got a final demand here for £180 billion.
C2: £180 billion? You're kidding?
C1: [wearing a silly face mask] April fool.

Good luck!
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