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I'm so excited!

You guys have no idea how excited I am that so many of you participated in the last quote of the day/bonus round! You guys are awesome! Here are the answers for yesterday:

Quote of the Day:
C1: George
C2: Elaine
C3: Jerry

Quote #1
Red Dwarf
C1: Rimmer
C2: Holly

Quote #2
Gilmore Girls
C1: Luke
C2: Lorelai
C3: Rory

Quote #3
C1: George
C2: Jerry
C3: Kramer

Quote #4
C1: Ross
C2: Chandler

Quote #5

So, here are the scores now...I gave Melissa and Jaime both 5 bonus points because they started late but are trying and are awesome!

Sarah: 40
Daniel: 43
Jennifer: 24
Jaime: -1
Melissa: -3
Hannah: 10 R.I.P

Ok! So here is the quote for today:

C1: A superlative suggestion, sir. With just two minor flaws. One, we don't have any defensive shields. And two, we don't have any defensive shields. Now I realise that technically speaking that's only one flaw but I thought that it was such a big one that it was worth mentioning twice.
C2: Good point, well made.

Good luck everyone! Thanks for your participation!
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