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Quote of the Day!

Ok so the new rule is (to try to help people like Hannah) you only lose a point if you don't guess on TWO in a row. The answer was GG Rory and Lorelai. So here are the new scores:

Sarah: 35
Daniel: 31
Hannah: 10
Jennifer: 5
Melissa: -8

So please guess Hannah! That would make me supah awesome! And here's the MOVIE quote...again, remember the name of the movie and the ACTORS who say the quote. Good luck everyone:

C1: Hey, can I ask you something? You ever notice that...
C2: If you're gonna ask if you can ask me a question, give me time to respond. Unless you're asking rhetorically, in which case the answer is obvious - yes.
C1: Okay, can I ask you...
C2: Yes.
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