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Yay night off!

Well, finally after years of waiting I have a Saturday night off...who'd a thunk? It gets better! Next week I get Friday and Saturday night off! Both! Crazy stuff! That's 'cause I'm going to Newmarket to visit so grandmother will stop thinking I'm a workaholic. A WHOLE weekend off...sorta...Woohoo!

Last Wednesday I went to see Man of La Mancha. Wow. That show was SO well done. Amazing. I'm speechless. The Impossible Dream song is great that and I am I, Don Quixote, the lord of la Mancha...Good show guys! Except Doug is evil...that's so sad. But he did a good job so he must be a good actor.

Before Peter went to Newmarket this weekend we (we as in Peter and me...although it was my amazing idea!) decided to get pizza and watch corny/cheesy movies. We ended up getting I Know what You Did Last Summer...what a stupid movie! Let me know if you're able to discern the plot...or if you think there is an actual plot. But that was why we rented was stupid/funny. After we'd watched that we developed the urge to see Shriek if You Know What Happened Last Friday the 13th. Because I've got a complex about going right back to rent a movie after we were there just and hour and a half before I called in reinforcements...namely Jennifer. We went up to get the movie and while we were there we decided to get I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer. After we watched the spoof ( I don't feel like writing the title out all over again) which was, scarily enough, TOtally like watching I Know What You Did Last Summer, we watched the sequel. And if we thought the first one was stupid...the second one was the STUPIDEST SEQUEL EVER!!!!!!!! It wasn't a sequel so much as a remake with some added "twists". How funny were those movies? I laughed so hard! *sigh* Then I found out there's a book that the movie is based off. ***spoilers ahead*** Apparently in the book they didn't hit a pschycotic fisherman murderer guy at all...rather a kid on a bicycle. And nobody else died...the stalker was the kid's older brother. The book was a suspense type thing...the movie was a slasher thing...It might actually be a good book. I'm kinda glad I didn't read it before I saw the movie though because then it wouldn't have been as funny. Although I now understand why there is no plot in the movie...they had twisted the book so much by the middle of the movie that they had to make stuff up...

Anyways, that was my fun crazy cheesy dumb movie night thing. Other than that my life remains pretty much the, work, work...

Hope everyone's having a fantastical day and weekend and life and stuff. This is one of the longest entries ever! Sweet! I'm excited!

Buh bye!
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