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Oooooh...I need it to be at least...December...3 right now...somebody...please, make it happen! You know you want to! I have a presentation today...I HATE presentations...I have another one tomorrow! Yech. Anyway, since I'm short on time, here are the scores:

Sarah: 26
Hannah: 14
Jennifer: -8

So there's someone else in the race now (the lowest people can go is -10). So the new quote is:

C1: They're building something.
C2: What?
C1: Oh, nothing, nothing. Just a sculpture, you know, modern art job, like the kind you get in shopping malls.
C2: What's it made of?
C1: Wood... its sort of an inverted "L" shape in wood.
C2: Does it have a kind of... rope motif?
C1: There is a sort of noosey theme to it, yeah

I will let you know what I'm doing about new shows later...I'm too tired to decide right now. Have a good day everybody!

Oh yeah, and the answer yesterday was totally White Christmas and Danny Kaye...a classic and amzoing movie! And you got the right scenario there,Hannah! Good job!
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