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Kaleidescope of Miscellaneous Thoughts

Well, hello. My life has continued in it's regular monotony...except this morning I had to go to the insurance place and do stuff...I don't know anything about insurance stuff so I just went along with whatever the girl said. I hope it was all good. Then I returned The Others and Just Married to the library. That's right, two movies I've never seen and got them for free from the library. How exciting is that?

The Others was a really good well done two thumbs up kinda film. I TOTALLY didn't see the end coming, but it certainly explained alot that I was unable to understand.I thought it heightened the creepiness when there was no music 'cause that's more realistic...when I'm home alone I almost always have to have music playing...that or talk to myself 'cause I don't know what it is about silence but it's just creepy. Unless you're one of those silence is golden kinda people.

Just Married was ok. It wasn't anything spectacular...I guess it gets one thumb up...but I don't like to do that because in Jenniferland that means it was really really I guess it was a half a thumb up...if that makes sense...whether it does or not it grosses me out.

I just watched Legally Blonde, now there's a quality movie. I really enjoy it. That's why I own it. Thank you Daniel!

Other than watching movies....I've been reading and working and occasionally eating. I'm sooooooo tired and I don't know why...I totally got my 8 hours and then I slept for another half hour. I have no excuse. Meh.

Anything else? Ummmmmm...Don't think so. I hope everyone is having a fantastical weekend (except me 'cause I'm working) and everybody enjoy the barbecue! I'm coming up to Newmarket on Sept 3 and (I think maybe) staying until Monday! We need to go to the drive in! That's my goal. Well...this is me signing off
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