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*contented sigh*

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....Oh man, I love that movie. I should have been drinking hot chocolate while I watched it...*mental note to self for next year*. So you guys did a fabulous job on the quotes yesterday (yay Hannah!) So the scores are as follows:

Daniel: 17
Hannah: 10

Nobody got the MST3K quote which was said by Crow (my favourite!) (The bubblegum looking one is Tom Servo btw, if you'd described the right one I would have TOTALLY given the points to you).

So now for the new quote of the day!

C1: It's like a bad movie but you want to finish it.
C2: No, you walk out.
C1: It's like a bad book but you want to get to the end.
C2: No, you wait for the movie.
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