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Well hello world...

Oh Mondays. I really hate Mondays. I always have so much to do to prepare for my dumbo Spanish class and I have to take the bus and I don't get home until after 5...YECH. And it is exactly the same next term, only worse because there's going to be a tutorial,in language classes tutorial = conversation class. I hate participating! Anyway...

Ok so I'm posting the quote early today because Mondays I'm far to busy to post it at the usual time (is there really a usual time? I don't know...but it's later than this) so you will get some extra time to work on the movie quote from yesterday. Congratulations all! Also, I've decided since I'm in a generous mood and I hadn't yet posted the results for Saturdays quiz to NOT deduct any points from Dan and Hannah. Because they are awesome (the everybody else score still continues to go down though :P).

The last quote was from Red Dwarf, and it was Lister and Rimmer. Dan, you got it but since you didn't meet the deadline I'm just going to give you one point (so suck it up...I could have deducted one, but I didn't, 'cause that's just how fabulous I am!). So here is the new quote:

C1: _____, do people do this on Earth?
C2: Yeah, isn't this wrong?
C3: Yeah, guys. I'm really ashamed of my race right now. We'd just like to apologize to everyone everywhere for this...

Since I'm feeling so generous today: we've added a NEW show to the mix, just to remind you...hint hint...
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