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Way to go guys!

Well look at all you guessers! I'm so proud! I've changed the scoring system slightly because I'm too lazy to do .5 and you get 1 point for every character you guess Dan gets an extra point from the Seinfeld one 'cause I only gave him one for George and Jerry. So...Red Dwarf was CORRECT!! It was Holly and Lister! So the scoring goes as follows:

Daniel: 4
Sarah: 4
Hannah: 1
Everyone else: -4

Good job! Look at that! A tie! I've decided that every Sunday is movie quote day. (I love my rule bending abilities...I feel so powerful!) So I would like the movie and the actor(s) who is/are speaking...good luck!

C1: My parents got divorced when I was 13. My mom was always on the road trying to become a singer.
C2: What went wrong?
C1: She couldn't sing.
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