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Yay for me being a follower!

1. Bekah needs a team of committed people to pray for her (something I don't know about? lol)
2. Bekah needs flowers
3. Bekah needs to hurry up and Get home. (I concur!!)
4. Bekah needs to do laundry (Unfortunately this is also true...creepy!)
5. Bekah needs to repair her feet (??? lol)
6. Bekah needs 2 passes for HRCH (anyone know what that is? I don't!)
7. Bekah needs to report them to the police (I'll get right on that!)
8. Bekah needs to update her mello. (I don't know what that means either!)
9. Bekah needs to pay if She prints her letters
10. Bekah needs to call Me!

lol...pretty quality stuff that I need to do!
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