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*sigh* The Rules of Engagement

Ok, apparently for this "contest"/"game" to work we need to establish some basic ground rules:
1. Preferably no cheating...this can't really be enforced and it's an honour based system...but if you do cheat, don't tell me or anyone else you're doing it...this will make my life easier.
2. Unless you make an actual guess, it does not count as a point, therefore it will be considered as a not guess and you will lose 1 point.

Relatively simple rules. The answer to this quote will be posted tomorrow along with the scores of those involved. ( I consider everyone on my friends list to be involved..if you don't read my journal regularly no biggy...I'm sure the points don't matter too much anyway. This is a game for FUN. Please do not harass anyone. In this contest I and I alone am the one who decides the point system. Everyone just be and death do not depend on the quote of the day!
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