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Well, that was sad...

Well, nobody even hazarded a guess...pretty pathetisad. I mean, it's simple deductive reasoning if you ask me...but I'm biased :P so anyway the answer to yesterdays quote is: Red Dwarf...C1 is Lister and C2 is The Cat. I don't deduct points for guessing you know...Maybe I should deduct points for NOT guessing! So you are now all down by one point...making everybody's score -1. Good times...Not much is happening in the world of me, except that I'm exhausted. And on that note, I'm off...but here's the new quote of the day! (Don't worry, I made this one easier...I think).

C1:You're considering hiring me for your latex salesman.
C2: I'm gonna hire you as my latex salesman? I don't think so. Why would I do that?
C1: Because I asked you to.
C2: If you think I'm looking for someone to just sit at a desk, pushing papers around, you can forget it. I get enough headaches just trying to manufacture the stuff.
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