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The first one!

Well, taking Sarah's sound advice I'm starting a contest type if you can name the show the quote is from, you get 1 point and if you can also name the characters/character that say(s) it then you get an additional point. The correct answers will be posted the following day. Someday someone might win a prize. Wooha! So here is the first quote of the day:

C1: They're all just lining up in some kind of firing squad. Whoa, whoa, hang on, someone's being brought out. They're tying him to a stake. It's Winnie the Pooh.
C2: What?
C1: Winnie the Pooh, I swear. He's refusing the blindfold.
C2: They're tying Winnie the Pooh to the stake?
[gunfire from outside]
C1: [looking shell-shocked] That's something no-one should ever have to see.

Good luck, everyone!
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