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New User pics!

Well, in order to cheer myself up I have made new user icons using 3 of my favourite shows! Yay me! Well...there really isn't too much to say. I'm still sore and crabby...but other than that everything is just peachy. ;)

Ummmm...I finished watching all of Spaced which is a great accenty goodness show but it does inspire me to speak with a British accent. Not a bad thing according to me, but since I'm not hanging out with just me all the time I should prob'ly try not to annoy people...makes mental note to self.

I had a crazy dream where I met this famous actor but I totally didn't recognize them because...I don't really know why...just because I'm stupid I guess...and then it was on the news that I didn't recognize them. I lead a hard and disappointing life. True story. That and's kind of appropriate that I'm listening to this song! See you all later!
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