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So sick and tired... title of the entry says it all really. Sarah came and we had none stop doing things and it was fabulous and Elizabethtown didn't disappoint me at all so that great too! We watched mass amounts of Moonlighting and we even ate relatively decent meals (including salad...that's right!). The only downer would have to be that we were both sick. It was quite peculiar because we've never been sick at the same time before that I can recall...usually it's just one or the other. The other thing is we were continually attacked by the psychotic kitten. I've still got Moonlighting in my head...hahaha...Bruce Willis is hilariously random and insane in that show!

Oh and this is a special paragraph dedicated to Greg who has joined the other random people on my hero list. Greg, I know you don't read this, but you ROCK!!! I don't remember the last time I was that happy...and Sarah feels the same way...You're our favourite Kleenex man...

Well, either I'm on drugs or I should be...I don't remember which...I prob'ly shouldn't take any until I figure out when I took them last...overdosing on Tylenol Cold is not on the top of my list today. I'm sooo busy and I have soooo much to do...and it's not going to get done. Stupid school. But we are officially half done now! Only 6 more weeks of this term...**goes off to sob quietly in the corner while thinking of the mass amounts of things left to be done**
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