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SHOF is next week!

Well, I don't have a whole lot to say (now there's a shocker!) but SHOF starts next week and I'm soooooo pumped. But, alas, that means summer is almost over and I just don't get that excited about school. Just no. Meh. Or as Peter and David say, bwa. I don't know if that's how you spell it or not. Oh well, I tried.

I'm going to the theatre tonight to see the show so I can stop telling people what a great show this is without having actually seen it. Tonight people from the States are prob'ly gonna show up in St Jacobs even though the show's been cancelled. I pity Angela. At least she's aware of what's going on. I wouldn't want to be her. Nope. No sir. I'm in the strangest mood. I'm excited though, 'cause we're having salmon and french fries for dinner. Yay! Food! I like food.

It's NDF next week! Hip hip hooray! Shouts of joy! I need to get a LOT of sleep before then. Meh. Bwa. Whatever.

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous day! Put on a happy face! Don't be glum! Keep your chin up! I saw The Whole Ten Yards last night. It was pretty funny. In fact, some moment were muchly funny. I feel for Oz though. Or Os. Or however you spell his name. Toodeloo! Have a great day and weekend and stuff!
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