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So very thrown off...

Well, here I am at school...totally confused. With having Monday off and everything I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm supposed to be. It's the second day of school this week but it's Wednesday??? What's that aboot? Well, it's ok though 'cause it makes the week go faster. Yay for that. Except I have stuff due next week, but we'll just take this one day at a time. My "unspeakable" class is next. I really can't wait for it to be over. I sit and I wonder how it's possible that I'm from the same planet as any of these people. Oh well.

New paragraph! Except I have nothing to say. I gave in and bought a drink today because I don't have anything to bring from home (except coke(the drink not the drug...SARAH...of course I ended up buying one, so *shrug*) and I thought I'd try going a day without ...milk gets gross and warm if I bring it and there's no way on earth I'm bringing orange juice...maybe I could make myself a bottle of iced tea next time! *mental note to self...swigs some more coca cola*

I need to work harder on my icons. I've discovered that while I still like some of the ones I've made, I don't like all of them. I need to focus more. Hahahah...well, that won't happen anytime soon. So just crop and paste it is for now.

Oh funny story for language geeks! The rest of you...pretty much anybody but me...shall just have to suffer through it. I have my French lab right after my French class and we all went up on the elevator and as we're walking down the hall one of the French profs walks by...he knew all of us of course and so in order to be polite everyone's saying hello...I haven't heard that many "bonjour"s in one place...ever..actually that's a lie...with the exception of Beauty and the Beast that's the most "bonjour"s I've heard in one place. It was some good times. Then I was thinking while waiting for the transcription to begin(oh man, have I told you how much I love school? haha...ha...ha...)that I've only ever had one male prof for each language. I have had tons of women French and Spanish teachers, and at least two German teachers...but only one male for each. Carazy.

Ok, it's time to put an end to your suffering. I hope everyone is having a great 4 day week! (who's in school) and that everyone else is having a fantastic week after Thanksgiving!
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