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Ow...head hurts...

Well I haven't made an entry in the past couple of days but then, nothing totally mind shattering has happened. Except talking to Sarah and Dan on msn/mercury in group guys rock! Oh and going to the grand opening of the paper where the other Sarah works. Good times! I had some cheese, crackers, meatballs, and a piece of shrimp! I love's so addictive!

I had an interesting dream last night but unfortunately I forget it...but it made me wake up really happy so it's ok. You know when you have a dream and you wake up but don't remember the dream but feel content? If you don't, then too bad for you. Actually that makes me think of French Kiss which I just recently purchased for $6.87 it was such an impulse buy but I love Meg Ryan in that movie and Kevin Kline shows what an amazing actor he is in my opinion because I've never seen him play the same role twice. You know what I mean. If you don't, once again, tough beans.

I went shopping the other day and went absolutely crazy! I must have! I went in to get school supplies and came out with TWO new tops and "French Kiss" plus all my school stuff. I don't even remember the last time I deviated that much from what was on the list!

I have a pounding headache - hence the subject for this entry - but I still have to go back to work. Who loves supper break? I love supper break! Hashbrowns all the way! So I'll see some of you online later and I'll talk to the rest of you some other time and some other place!
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