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Things that make you go hmmm...

I feel like I'm in a bad horror movie. I'm sitting here by myself answering the phones (it's not slow today...what are you talking about?) while the rest of the theatre is in darkness. Creepy Drayton thugs just walked by...**goes to lock door**...I think I'm scaring myself.

Not too long ago on the oldies station they played a Buddy Holly song but it wasn't him singing! It was some imposter woman. I'm sorry, but shouldn't an oldies station play the original artists? And I mean, this person wasn't even any good! She sang it like 129347820 times slower than he does, and not as well!They better play a Buddy Holly song SUNG by Buddy Holly before the night is over or I'll be really bitter. Not that this will affect the radio station in any way really....but in my mind they will have lost at least half of my devotion! That's right! Take that!

I hope everyone is enjoying my way-cool new Moonlighting icons, compliments of dragonfly3007!

Sorry, I'm kinda tired and stuff today...
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