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I'm sorry...

for updating so much, but it's the only joy in my life. Usually my only joy is reading other people's ljs but clearly other peoples aren't updating enough for me...prob'ly due to going back to school. School...BAH! But I won't get started on that touchy subject...

I've been listening to some happening Bruce Willis tunes today...that and driving to Waterloo for NO REASON! That was disappointing. See, I was informed that Coca Cola was on sale, and since Peter and I are both relatively addicted to it I thought I'd go pick some up. So I drive all the way there to discover that it's 3 for $10. Now, if you know me then you know that there's no way that I would be able to carry 3 cases of Coke all the way from Shoppers to my car. Heck, I don't even know how I would've arranged them in my arms. It would have just been bad. I stood in front of the display contemplating and then just left. So I figured I'd pick up a cd from the dollar store to make a compilation of all the songs I've been listening to lately so I'd have a new one when school starts. They were out of cds! How can that be??? So anyway, rather upset at this turn of events (coupled with the fact that I was already quite frustrated because Frankie wouldn't take her medecine today...I was told there would be no problem, and there wasn't last night, but today apparently she didn't want any more...she better take it tonight!)

Well, I've gone on for long enough. I hope everyone is having a relatively decent week!
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