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Strawberry banana smoothie...mmmmm

Hi all!

I really want a strawberry banana smoothie they are soooooo good.

Well, nothing too exciting has happened at my house in the last however long it's been since I wrote last. I'm still totally pumped about Spiderman's one of the best movies ever!! Sarah & I met Jennifer for lunch at wherever it is she works...We got take-out Swiss Chalet and brought it with us. Then we went shopping (well, I only bought sandals I was just keeping Sarah company...but that's my favourite kind of shopping anyway...not spending money) and after that we met Jennifer (and her brother Jonathan...I guess he's there 'cause he's got summer school or something...?) and took her home where we watched French Kiss...which is a very cute movie. VERY cute. You were right Sarah (M.) It's confusing knowing more than one person named Sarah...

I am suffering from a serious movie problem. Yah see, when I watch chick flicks at my house I'm usually by myself (Peter just doesn't go for them...I dunno why!) and I've gotten into this habit of "awing"...I don't even know if that's a word...and now when I watch that style of movie I still "aw" even when I'm not by myself. I think my friends think of quacked up. They may not be far off but I just can't seem to control my "aws". Dar.
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