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Just for you Hannah!

Your Horror Film Death by hannahbanana50
You decided to go to
Because you needed to pick upA treasure map Arr
Spots you and tags alongcnd_leprechaun
You start to get scared bcYou hear voices!...Wait those are in your head
This music starts playingScreechy Violins
WhenA clown doll
Comes out andPunches you to death
Because youWere pregnant with their child
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Your LJ Kindergarten Class by hannahbanana50
The really hott teacherhannahbanana50
Sniffs a few too many magic markersagent_macmulder
Drinks the paintmidnight_revery
Gives out free haircuts/makeovers_devnull_
Sleeps in playhouse, gets left there overnightwere_33
Eats the glueoooh_butterfly
Digs a hole in the sandbox and tries to escapedragonfly3007
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your Hot LJ Night Out! by dragonfly3007
You take with you:
Takes you outhannahbanana50
You guys go toa beach party
You meet up withcnd_leprechaun
The three of youget very very very very drunk
You see thatbillisourhero
is working asa waiter/waitress
You ordermilk
You and your 3 friendsset the mall on fire
You wake up ina towel, on the beach
You remembernot much
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