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Creepy man...

Ok I didn't have to work until 10 this morning which was good since Sarah and Hannay kept me up on msn until, like, 10:45! Craziness...then my alarm didn't go off and luckily I woke up at 8:50 so I could still have a shower. I love my morning showers. Anyway, none of this really has anything to do with the point of this story...I get to the theatre and there's this guy sitting on the bench outside the theatre...and I was slightly uncomfortable since I didn't recognize this person and we were in Drayton so you know...there was NOBODY else around...and as I walk past he like...was...basically...hitting on me! He said hello and I said good morning and then he said it was nice to see me and that I was pretty. At this point I was officially creeped out. I mean, MAYBE there is the off chance that this guy was just "being nice"..but in the world of me "being nice" is saying good morning and leaving it at that. He also came in to use the theatre washroom but luckily I was on the phone so Shirley told him where they were and everything. Still...I was thoroughly creeped out. He had an unsettling air about him. And he wasn't a Drayton native (it's sad that I know that) and he had a bike, not a car. Enough of this!

So the pool is looking pretty spectacular...thanks to Peter, I have no idea what to do to make it amazing. But there's just some dirt on the bottom and it's just a little cloudy! Yay! Good times! People who aren't me could prob'ly swim in it now! I'm so excited!

Tonight I'm going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I'm excited! And we're going out for dinner as well! Really, I'm more excited about going out than anything else.


I've been reading my journal from Grade 3 and I was a pretty amazing and..."special" child...Here's an example that made me laugh:

Today is wensday 16th October
on monday will be the most wonderful thing in my life! on monday all the way to friday we'll be in newmarket and toronto. were going there but my Dad won't be there long hes got a meeting he has to go to!

Teacher's comment: Wow! Sounds neat! Can I come, too??

Me: no you have to teach ( I seriously wrote that!)

Oh Sarah! I cannot find that free ticket anywhere! You need to look 'cause I very distinctly remember getting in the car and giving it to you. I'll keep looking for it here too but I need to feel like you're looking for it too...I want my free movie!

So, anyway, better go get ready for Jenny's birthday celebration. Yeehaw.
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