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Ooooh work...

I'm sooo's only, like, 9:38 and I'm exhausted. I'll be going to bed soon but I thought I'd update anyway. Last night I worked by myself for 4 hours. I worked a total of 6 hours and made the same amount of money for the theatre as I would working an 8 hour shift. Time totally flew by. When I wasn't answering the phone I was either taking messages off or calling people back. In two days I made the theatre over $7000. Tomorrow I'm back from 9-5. I like those shifts...the day ones.

Well, now that you're all sitting there wondering what the point of that last paragraph was, I don't have too much else to say. Peter now has this server thing hooked up so that people can do all sorts of sharing type things that I don't understand. Oh! And we had dinner tonight...frozen pizzas...and watched some quality MST3K - "Manos" The Hands of Fate. Why are there quotes around manos...I don't know. Speaking of MST3K...apparently The Island is a total rip off of some MST3K movie called Clonus! Who'd have thunk?

And I'm all excited because this weekend I get to go out for dinner and to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Yay for getting out of the house to do something!Ice cream sandwiches are soooo good. Whoever invented these suckers was a genius! And that is all I'll bore you with today! Have a good second half of the week!
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