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Well, long time no see...

Ok, I've decided my life is so boring! I've gone like, what, 2 weeks or something without updating and even though I was like "Wow, I should update..." I still really have nothing to say! Well, I could do some movie review type things...'cause I know you all care! Too ifyou haven't seen "Hide and Seek" don't read the following! Spoiler Alert! It will be it's own paragraph so you can skip it if you want.

Hide and Seek
'K, what the...? I'm still really confused after watching that movie. So, her Dad was Charlie, I get that. But that still doesn't explain everything to me. Like at the end, why does the drawing have 2 heads? Is she insane too? Does it run in the family? Am I just missing some vital piece of information? And the "Oh my word the main character has a SPLIT PERSONALITY??? I never would have guessed!" thing is getting really old. Although, I was confused throughout the movie because of the way they cleverly made Dakota Fanning crazy as well...I think...(otherwise the end makes NO sense!) so I suppose they did their jobs ok...and I'm pretty easy so the oldness of the trick will just go unnoticed for now. Aside from my rant this movie does showcase Dakota Fanning. Oh my word! She did such a good job! I think she was even better than Robert De Niro...who when he was Charlie bore a creepy resemblance to Robin WIlliams...Anyway...not a bad movie, but not deserving of my usual two enthusiastic thumbs up...with the exception of Dakota Fanning.

Ok so I now i need to say something interesting for people who didn't read that...ummm...I have to work at 1! And it sucks...who wants to start at 1 and finish at 9:30? Nobody that's who! It ruins your whole entire day! It's completely shot! And then I'll have to go to bed pretty much right away because I have to get up early tomorrow because I have to be in Georgetown by 9 a.m. and THEN I have to be back in time to work from 5-9:30. Whatever.

I'm getting hungry...maybe I'll make me an egg and the hashbrowns for dinner. I'm in a Seinfeld mood now...I should watch some when I'm done making this entry! All signs point to YES! Well, now that that's decided...I feel so bad for you people out there reading this! I'm so flighty! I would put it on a private post but then all of you are on my friends list so you'd all have to read it anyway. Oh well. I apologize for the length and rambliness of this entry!

I talked 'til all hours (well, like, 1) with Sarah and Jaime on msn/mercury last night...some good times! I don't wanna even tell you how long it's been since I've had that much fun and stayed up that life is a sad and boring place...except for the ghosts of course! ;)

So now that I've taken at least 2-4 minutes out of your day, go back to your exciting lives! Hopefully my next update won't be as far away as this one was!
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