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Well, shof's off to an...interesting start!

Well, I don't have too much to add to what Sarah, Hannah, and Natalie had to say about yesterday. Except that I have never felt as thankful for my shower! It never felt this good to be clean! Well, I'm not taking that for granted anymore. Everybody did a fantastic job though...I give you all a pat on the back and two enthusiastic thumbs up.

I'm in so much pain! Don't lie on cement...especially not in shorts...with random gunk and icky stuff everywhere. Not to mention bugs *shudder*. It'll be EASY they problem they said...I told them this wouldn't end well! I told them. *shrug & sigh*

Well other than that there really isn't too much to say. Oh...I got a mastercard from pc no more free cookies! What's with that? That was like, the third time I signed up. Of course I only did it for the cookies. They're yummy. Maybe I'll watch the Gamera song before I go to work...that might wake me up. I can sing it all day at work...Gamera is really neat, he is filled with turtle meat...we all love you Gamera!

Ummmmm nothing to much to say...just typing for the sake of making this entry longer. Pretty sad, eh? Anyway, it's NDF tonight! I'm very very excited. Of course, it's all on the inside because I'm too tired and in pain to actually give my excitement a physical form. Oh well. I hope everyone has a great day! I don't know when I'll be updating next, so have a great week too!
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