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blah, blah, blah...

I guess I haven't updated in awhile...well...that may not be true but I just don't remember when I last updated. *shrug* Anyway, I suppose that's all pretty irrevelant because regardless of the last time I updated, I am in fact updating now.

We had some Peking duck for dinner with rice. It was really really good. Mmmmmmm. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Oh and I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith...not giving anything away, it was an entertaining movie but not realistic...don't go looking for an amazoing storyline, but it was comical and made me laugh. Aaaaah Brad Pitt...and Angelina Jolie...but she isn't as funny as he is. Whatever.

And then there's the theatre. Some lady was convinced that the DFT was playing some show called "The Thirteenth One". I couldn't figure out what she was talking about so she was going to double check with her friend who had given her this information and call back. It was really hard not to laugh, 'cause she was insistant that it was playing I know full well that it's not. Oooooh good times. I love my job. Some days.

It poured was raining and hailing at the same time. Crazy stuff. One of my box office buddies said the other day that if it weren't for the weather, Canadians wouldn't have much to talk about. She's right.

I'm going to have company in a week and a half so that's both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I have sooooo much cleaning to do. Well...not that much, but Daniel's old room *shudder* it's so hot and messy in there.

I have invested in a copy of the Chronicles of Narnia for myself (our other set is falling apart, and it's sad 'cause they're so cool and they have a little box and everything...but I'm happy because my copy has them all in one book and now when my parents take theirs back I'll still have mine). I'm already into "The Horse and His Boy"...I think it's my least favourite. I enjoy it, but out of all of them I like it just a little less than the rest of them.

Oh and I need to know for sure from Hannah and Natalie (presuming you read this) whether or not you'd be interested in going to see Beauty and the Beast while you're here...? Let me know for sure, 'k guys?

Well, not much else to say. Eat sleep and work.
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