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Dum de dum de dum...

Well...quite a bit has happened in the past little while and I haven't written about any of it! It's amazing how many times I find myself sitting here with nothing to write about, and yet I still make an entry...and the times I actually do have stuff to write about I'm just too lazy to do it!

Anyways...Let's start with...last Saturday...the 14th. Now we already know I had some amazing fun times on the Friday night. Then on Saturday I was like, well, I'm working tonight, but during the day, why don't I make myself some fun? And don't fool yourself, I did indeed ask it out loud. So after going through some songs for Holly...don't ask...I went and got myself a movie to rent. It wasn't my first choice...actually, both of my first choices were gone. In Drayton! What's going on here? So I decided why not have some chesy fun? And I rented Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff (well, I wasn't with Hilary Duff, but you know what I mean). I know I've prob'ly lost most of you already because many dislike her. I'm not an avid fan myself, but I enjoy watching her movies at times...just not too many in a row or anything and I'm good. So anyway, then I went to Knechtels/Foodland/whatever they call it now and got myself some chicken and wedge fries...they had run out of coke...which was odd to say the least, but I got some Nestea so it was all good...(I also had a Curly/Matt Cassidy's pretty weird to see actors outside the theatre...). Anyways, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie BUT it is very unhappy ( I would say sad but I can hear Peter and Daniel responding to that in my head, so I chose the safer route)...and it starts out that way! By the time the movie was over if I were a cryer (which we all know...I'm not) I would have cried at least 2 or 3 times during the film. Even though it's sad it's really good. But...I can't bring myself to ever own it because it's in a pink and orange case...what's with that? Where they on drugs when they picked the colour scheme? Oooooh yes and Oliver James...a fantastic accent also in this movie, and prob'ly helped to boost my rating. But, if you're a pro'bly wouldn't like it.

So then on Sunday I went to see (on the spur of the moment) a dance recital in the happening town of Harriston. That was some good times. Jen's dancers did good. But they still weren't as amazing as the frogs doing the can-can. Enough said. Then we went back to Jen's and ate some good, a meal! With chicken, potatoes, salad,and finished it all off with some dessert! Dessert! This is a notable day. I got out of the house...with real people...(I haven't done that since Sarah was here) and then had a meal consisting of all four food groups + dessert. Then we played a great game of Grey Matter or something like that and Sarah #1, Brad, and I won Grey Matter Supremacy! How did that happen? Well, it was a LOT of luck and guessing, let me tell you!

I even have more to write about some amazing telephone conversations at the theatre! But maybe I'll quit while I'm ahead and write about that another time. I really need to go see this show! I've heard so many good things!!!! So anyway...I'll talk to you all later!
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