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His favourite sport is feeding the ducklings

Oookay so I've been trying to make this entry for the past...I'm gonna say week. But I've been putting it off and putting it off until I almost forgot what I was going to make an entry about.

So first of all...I'm back from Hawaii. I got back at the same time as Sarah, you just wouldn't know it from my lj :P And ever since I got back I've been in a fairly dark place (going through a "well I've now officially achieved the only 2 life dreams I had(pathetic as they were) guess I'm done...just waiting to die now" type phase)

Anyway I figured that can't be healthy so I came up with a way to try to keep positive. I think I did this once when I was a bum but not this...extreme. So you know 1000 Awesome things? I'm going to kind of do that but instead of "awesome" it's going to be "positive" and just make an entry every day with something positive that happened that day. I may not see it but something positive does happen every day. So! This is actually a combination of things from yesterday and Tuesday because Tuesday was when I was going to start this...

1. Pants and Coffee: So one of the nurses brought us coffee on Tuesday and wished us a happy Secretary's wasn't. But ;) I hate buying dress pants with a passion. They are never comfortable...they never fit me right (apparently if I want to be this round I should be shorter or if I want to be this "tall" I should be skinnier) but I managed to get 2 pairs of dress pants that are amazingly comfortable and actually fit. It's like wearing pyjama pants to work. Reitmans = amazing.

So hopefully I'll make an entry every day now. I am definitely behind on reading/commenting on other ljs and I plan to get on that. Just so you know that I am not ignoring you. to work.
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