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Yay for stuff!

Am I reusing an old subject line? Why yes, yes I am. Do I care? No, no I do not. I don't even remember when I used this so too bad for anyone who does.

Well today was kind of exciting (for really doesn't take much), but I'll start with the non-exciting stuff so that you can get used to the idea. FIrst of all, I woke up at like, 6 this morning because I was restless and couldn't sleep...then UB called at around 6:30...then I went back to bed for an hour before I had to get ready for work. Not a fantastic way to start your day, but it definitely got better! When I was at work I felt like a banker ('k, I don't know if this'll make sense, but you know how when you go to open an account or do a line of credit or anything the banker person always has to do typing and stuff? I used to think that was amazing and I wanted to be a banker just so I could do that...then today I realized I get to do basically the same thing at my job only without the math! It was an amazing discovery!) and a totally proficient computer-type person...I know I'm not really but it made me feel all cool and stuff. Also, last night I did my nails which I never do because I can't just sit there and wait for them to dry but I was thinkin' and I did them while I was watching Spiderman 2 (a fantastic movie) so I think this is the best I've ever done them...normally they're all messed up 'cause I can't refrain from doing stuff with my hands.

As totally interesting as all that was, I'm getting to the exciting part now! I got out of the house! Spontaneously! This never happens to me...mostly 'cause I have no life. But today I was making spaghetti and realized I couldn't find the can-opener...without it I wouldn't be able to open my sauce! Suddenly, my brilliant mind remembered Daniel and Sarah and the gnomes randomly cleaning and I was like "Oh! Maybe they decided I should start keeping it somewhere else...or just didn't know where to put it!"...yes it was unlikely but I really couldn't find it. So I called Durham to ask Daniel. In doing so I discovered that Mom and Dad had a minister's dinner thing that Daniel wasn't going to and he hadn't eaten yet either. So, quite impulsively I drove to Durham where we had some quality pizza and pepsi while watching "National Treasure" - you can't go wrong with Nicolas Cage. Not to mention good ol' Helen of Troy and random funny guy. So yay for getting out of the house!

Wow...this is entry is pretty long...not to mention random, so I better be off to bed. I'm tired and it's way past my bedtime. I hope everybody else had a similarly fantastic evening!
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