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Wait...what now?

So I am not usually a late night person but last night was an exception to that rule. Jennifer and I were supposed to go see Life As We Know It last weekend...we try to get together once a month to have good times, breakfast, and see a movie. Anyway, I was deathly ill and therefore we postponed it until this weekend. We thought it would all be okay because although she is busy tonight (going to the Wonderland Halloween thing) we usually meet in the morning/early afternoon and do a matinee but then it turned out that the movie wasn't playing until 4:00ish today so there was no way we could do it and there's really not that much else playing...and we usually try to do a chick flick since neither of us is really surrounded by people who want to see chick flicks :P So anyway our solution was to go out for dinner last night and do the 9:50 showing. Soooo yeah. Didn't get home until just after 1:00 and then today I had chips and flat pop for breakfast. I feel like I'm in university again. Except as someone else because I never really did this stuff when I was in university. Now I'm pretty plan was to sleep in, which I did but then Dan's alarm went off at 10 and he's not home so I had to turn it off and then I tried to go back to sleep but that didn't work out so well...So I basically just got my regular amount of sleep.

So...there you have it. Weird times. I feel like yesterday I was living in the bizzaro universe. Also I'm annoyed because I've been getting better but for some reason now my throat hurts again. Just when I think I'm almost completely over my stupid cold. Except that I still cough...and occasionally get a stuffy nose. But other than that! My throat hasn't been sore. And now today it is. What the heck. Stupid sickness conspiring against me!

Look at me updating more regularly! I'm very proud of me :)
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