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I can't think of a subject...

Well I figured out why I don't update more life is far too boring. I have nothing to say. Oh, well Sarah wanted to hear about my's not really funny. In fact, it's just as boring as me. I don't remember it that the description will be quite vague. In my dream I was watching Scream (am I shocked? no not really) but it was different. Oh if any of you have not seen Scream and are planning to, this could hold some spoilers even though it's mostly different. So consider yourselves warned. I think the main character was Randy the movie guy although I couldn't see his face. So he gets a phone call from Matthew Lillard and good ol' Billy Depp-DiCaprio that it's too dangerous to stay in town and he should go with them to "Aunt Ruby"'s cabin. Then skip to the next scene where Randy is sitting blindfolded and tied to a chair at the cabin...I don't know how they got there, the dream made about as much sense as the real plot...and then Matt and Billy come at him with knives and then out of nowhere comes Aunt Ruby who kills everyone. With no motive. And it made no sense. The end.

See? Not very exciting. So today I have to go to work. Which is actually excellent because I'm makin' some more money and otherwise I'd just stay here checking live journal for updates every couple of minutes. Or cleaning my room. And then tonight I'm returning all the Screams, I Know What You Did Last Summers and That Thing You Do (that song is still stuck in my head). Then we're going to have steak and fries and salad for dinner (what a rounded meal? That's right! We did it yesterday too...only with pork and noodles and vegetables in a stir fry thing). So now you're all caught up on my day. Good times

So, I have nothing left to say. I'm sleepy, maybe I'll go to bed early tonight. Meh. Whatever. I think I work day tomorrow which is nice...I like working days on Fridays...especially since I have to work at night on Saturday.Oh well...hope everyone has a great day!
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