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All good things come to an end...

Well, we waited for months for Birthdayukah...and now it's over. It was super fun but I have to admit I will enjoy catching up on my sleep. It's definitely going to get boring around here very fast without you Sarah! So, anyway today was shopping day so we got some food products and stuff and then we went to eat in Durham because it was Daniel's first day at work and he would've been too tired to drive here apparently. I suppose working from 6-2 would be relatively tiring, but it is working with ice cream. other news Daniel gave me some happening spiffy black speakers for my computer and now my tv shows and music have an amazing clarity I didn't know was possible! Thanks Dan! I also got Spiderman 2 for my birthday along with some blank cds (that made Peter happy...I can get rid of some of the stuff I have taking up space on the computer). Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I got something else...let me think...oh yeah! I got a white sweater. Good times. I like sweaters. But now it's all hot and stuff. And I like that too because I'm one of those freaks who likes every season. I love winter because when winter comes I've had enough of summer and hotness and I love spring because It's so nice and not too hot, not too cold and pretty and green and I love summer because it's hot and I can go swimming and enjoy the hotness and I love fall because it comes right when I need it to make a nice division between summer and winter.

Well, now that I've successfully bored you all to tears, it's time to sign off. So, everybody take care and who knows when I'll update next!
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