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Birthdayukah has begun!

Hello everybody!

Well, birthdayukah officially started on Monday...yesterday...but we've been having a super fantastic time since I picked Sarah up in Orangeville on Thursday morning. It's funny 'cause I don't know what to write 'cause realistically, not that many people read this and I don't want to bore the ones who do away...if that makes sense. We saw A Lot Like Love...a fantastic movie...unless you haven't seen it...I don't want to give you a great impression and then have you be disappointed. So whatever. It made us laugh. Although, I'm pretty sure that no matter what we watched would've made us laugh. We've been sleep deprived since she got here and I can't even count the times we haven't been able to stop laughing.

The theatre has started back up again. It's so exciting! The days go by so much faster when there's a show on. On the downside this show is super long so at night I have to stay until after intermission is over and that doesn't happen until about 9:45ish...that's if intermission is exactly 15 minutes. Hahaha...that doesn't happen very often. On the other hand, I'm only working days this week so that's excellent news. I can't wait to get my income tax money! Yay!

Ooooh! Cutest song ever? 500 Miles...and and they have amazoing accents too! You can't lose here! I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more....Good times. Oh and Daniel's here now for a we watched all 3 TMNT movies (I still maintain that the 3rd one does NOT exist...what a horrible horrible unbelievably unbearable movie!...although somehow still better than White Chicks...hmmm) The first two are still amazing though. Makes me think of my youth. Back in the day...*sigh*

Well, back to waking myself up and having a shower and then worrying about the rest of the people populating my house...I don't know, every time I turn around there are more people here. You'll have to forgive my disjointed thoughts, I'm suffering from not enough sleep.
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