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Evil Brits!

Well, I guess something exciting did happen to spur me to write today. I'm sorry if this offends anybody, but I now have a HUGE thing against the Brits (despite their way-cool accents). Last night I was yelled at for about 40 minutes by some English twit..."don't talk to me about policies, I'm talking about REALITY, stop giving me that Canadian bologna (word changed for censoring reasons)...where I come from people aren't treated like this, I'm sick of this Canadian attitude...If you can't give me a refund you can't do your job...if your supervisor isn't there then she can't do her job either...

I'm sorry to say that I don't believe that anyone deserves to be treated that way...did I write the policies of the theatre?!? No I did not. Do I have the power to authorize a refund? No I do not. And you know what? Even if I did, there is no way I would ever give somebody that rude a refund anyway. They didn't even give an excuse...besides that they're "stuck"...what the heck does that mean?!? The worst (and slightly funniest) part is that the problem has still not been resolved because I put schmuck on hold to call Ellen or SOMEBODY 'cause I couldn't get rid of this lunatic, and fate stepped in in the form of my good friend Kara (the house manager) who was upstairs while I was trying to get ahold of someone and accidentally dropped her binder on the phone, which consequently started screaming at her so she pressed release. In doing so she hung up on this guy. Now, funny as that may be, this guy is probably royally ticked off (if he wasn't already) and I live in constant fear that he's going to call back and get me, 'cause he has an unlisted phone number and we can't call him back yeah. That's the excitement of my weekend.

Other than that, everything is just peachy keen. Oh well, I guess things can only get better from here on in...right? I hope so. Have a great weekend!
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