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5 down, 1 to go!

Well, before I get back to studying I just thought I'd make an entry. So here I am.

I'm excited because rehearsals have started at the theatre so it feels like the season is starting soon. Yay! Plus I'm also excited because I only have one exam left. Unfortunately I feel so...done! After my exam today (which was completely brutal) I just feel exhausted and I really need to get some serious studying done before Monday. Two days! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Anyway...other than that my life remains pretty much the same. That's one thing I both like and don't like about my life. It's consistant. I guess I like it better that way, but sometimes I just need a change, you know? Not a permanent change, just a little one.

Well, off I go to do dishes and study for psych....*big sigh* I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!
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