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02 January 2008 @ 10:05 am
Ooookay...so where did we leave off? Basically at Christmas...

I had a really good Christmas (well by the end of it I was pretty exhausted). I got a super awesome game that nobody likes to play because it is pretty hard if you're not a freak...so I guess that's why I'm covered :P I also got Gilmore Girls Season 4 on dvd which I'm pumped about although I don't fully remember what happens that season...To me it's all just one long season. I also got a special edition of Spider-man that comes with the first comic book Spider-man was ever in. Also a film...thing...darn it! I forget what they're called but I got a good one! It's a replication of one of the...squares from the film. I got Wimbledon and Die Hard 4 and Music and Lyrics and a cd/dvd case that holds 224 discs which I'm pretty excited about! I also got a book that I haven't started yet but my plan is to start tonight.

Unfortunately also over the holidays one of our friends from the church in Drayton passed away :( I'm going to the funeral on Thursday.

New Year's Eve was pretty good times...except I think I'm still "hung over" on tired.

Oh and then when we got home yesterday we watched Patriot Games which Dad got for Christmas and guess who's in it? James Fox! I know most of you are sitting there thinking "...who?" but he's the awesome crazy guy from Thoroughly Modern Millie, and he had his accent! :)

Soooo...here is the meme that Sarah did and I stole...

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