October 16th, 2007

The Last Unicorn

Groggy times...

Ok so...life...not too much is going on right now. I'm really really tired...and I don't know if it's sleepy tired or not. I feel really heavy...not fat heavy but just...I have no explanation. I'm not very good with my words right now. Sorry.

I haven't got to watch Heroes yet...but apparently in 20 minutes or so I can. Yeehaw. I've got little JP all set up on the top of my desk. You know I thought he was pretty but he can really freak me out. When he "flares up" and goes nuts...Anyway, in other news...Robin was pretty much me in HIMYM. Last night in my dream Hannah and I were at some nutso day camp type thing and...I don't remember much except for that I like day camp about as much as I like any camp. Stupid life in a dream!

Still no keys. Maybe today mom and I will go get me new ones made. LIFE! I feel like this is a rambling nonsensical entry that makes no sense. Just wanted to keep you on the up and up. I will maybe start QotD tomorrow.

p.s. oh yeah! If I die in a war and Sarah is murdered and her remains are burned on my grave...let the forensic anthropologist dig me up to find out what happened. Do NOT slap the poor FBI agent in the face. They are trying to find out what happened to us. Truth.
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