July 22nd, 2007

The Last Unicorn

No time to think up a snappy subject line...

Not much time...I have to get ready and go to a shower...so not much going on here (even if there was I'd have no time to tell you...so the answer on Thursday was Seinfeld...I think...Elaine and Jerry...

TV Scores:

Sarah: 262
Daniel: 203
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 155

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 64
Daniel: 62
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 36
Hannah: 21

Here's the new MOVIE quote:

C1: Where's the trolley boy?
C2: In the freezer.
C1: Did you say "cool off?"
C2: No I didn't say anything...
C1: Shame.
C2: Well, there was the part that you missed where I distracted him with the cuddle monkey then i said "play times over" and I hit him in the head with the peace lily.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday!
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