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So Psych was hilarious!!! I mean, I figured it would be...but I've just missed that show so much! Ok so I keep zoning out so I have to get this done and get ready for church. I'm so tired! I don't even know why...I got eight hours of sleep...stupid body!

The answer yesterday was, ironically, Psych - Psych and Juliette...Dan guessed in person that's why his points are going up.

TV Scores:

Sarah: 253
Daniel: 203
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 148

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 64
Daniel: 62
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 36
Hannah: 15

Ok so here is the movie quote:

C1: I can't believe you just called me a butthead. I don't think anybody has called me a butthead since the 9th grade.
C2: Maybe not to your face.

Good luck and have a good Sunday!
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Current Music: Nancy Drew - Relient K