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Last night I actually had the best sleep I've had in...a long time...I don't even remember! I mean, I'm still sleepy because I only got between 8-9 hours and I have been getting very little sleep for the past while so I'm kinda sleep deprived...but still! Maybe again tonight? I have high hopes.

Nothing too much new here. So here we go...

Answer Yesterday: Win a Date with Tad Hammilton - Pete (Topher Grace) and Rosie (Kate Bosworth)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 230
Daniel: 200
Jennifer: 115
Sarah: 131

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 64
Daniel: 62
Jennifer: 85
Sarah: 36
Hannah: 15

New Quote:

C1: Fungicide! So what could she have?
C2: I don't know.
C3: Fungus.
C1: Exactly

Good luck!
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Current Music: 99 Lüftballons - Nena