June 22nd, 2007

Was it a dream? Or not...?

Yeah okay so something finally happened this week and I wish it was still the quiet uneventful week of yesterday. This has been a bad week in general for me but just in case I hadn't got the idea life decided I needed reminding...the story I'm about to tell you is completely true. It was not a dream which is what I originally thought. I give you permission to laugh if you wish, if it wasn't me I'm sure I'd find it funny. So I got to bed at a relatively decent time last night, I would have gotten 8 hours of sleep or very close to it but then i woke up because I felt a book hit my face...then another one. I was in a delusional half asleep state of confusion so I just lay there thinking "What the heck...?" and then the framed embroidery above my bed fell on my face. And again, I just lay there in complete and utter shock, conscious enough now to be thankful that it was a somewhat soft wooden frame. It's a good thing I left it there (on my FACE) because then 4 more books fell on me along with my little snowman candle holder. Now in the real world all the crashing that was going on would wake a concerned parent or brother right? So how could this possibly be real? Well I know it was because this morning I found my embroidery where I put it (when I was fairly certain the storm of books was over...) on the floor next to my bed and the hook that must have caused the problem was on top of my headboard where I had haphazardly tried to replace my books. So essentially...bad times. I still can't believe it really happened, but I do have the headache to prove it. *shrug*

Other than that, not much to report.

The answer yesterday was Friends - Chandler and Monica

TV Scores:

Sarah: 220
Daniel: 200
Jennifer: 110
Sarah: 126

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 61
Daniel: 60
Jennifer: 81
Sarah: 36
Hannah: 15

Congratulations to Daniel for both remember to guess and reaching 200 points!

C1: They're her schoolmates. I assumed they were her friends.
C2: Well, you know what they say when you assume things.
C1: No, I don't, what do they say?
C2: That -- you shouldn't.
C1: Very clever.

Good luck!
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