June 17th, 2007

The Last Unicorn

Happy Father's Day!

Well last night we rented "Breach" and I quite enjoyed it, it was very well done. I don't know if there were supposed to be any surprises...I didn't notice any. It was exactly what it was. That makes me believe it's closer to the true story than if they'd had a thousand twists or whatever. I like Ryan Phillippe. He has apparently come a long way since "I Know What You did Last Summer..." (awesome movie though that was...) The only thing I've seen him in since then was Gosford Park...what a confusing and bizarre movie that was! So anyway, it's worth a viewing I think.

The answer for yesterday was: GG - Sookie and Lorelai (oh the hilarious times of the double date...what a loser Rune was...if that's even how you spell it)

TV Scores:

Sarah: 210
Daniel: 187
Jennifer: 110
Sarah: 120

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 54
Daniel: 39
Jennifer: 59
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

Ok so since it's Father's Day I'm doing like I did on Mother's Day only instead of movies that are somewhat obscurely related to fathers I'm doing "manly man" movies. So good luck! I'm even using my Die Hard icon in honour of this occasion.

Manly Movie Quotes:

Quote 1:

C1: Mul-ti-pass.
C2: We're newlyweds. Just met, you know how it is. We bumped into each other, sparks happen...
C1: Mul-ti-pass.
C2: Yes, she knows it's a multipass. Anyway, we're in love.

Quote 2:

C1: The court is civilized, isn't it pig?
C2: But I'm not. This is where the law stops and I start - sucker!

Quote 3:

C1: Police! Open up!
C2: How do I know it's the police?
C1: After I shoot you through the door, you can examine the bullet. Open up!

Quote 4:

C1: Ask me a question I would normally lie to.
C2: Are we going to die?
C1: Yep!

Quote 5:

C1: Mister Mystery Guest? Are you still there?
C2: Yeah, I'm still here. Unless you wanna open the front door for me.
C1: Uh, no I'm afraid not. But you have me at a loss. You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's John Wayne? Rambo? Marshall Dillon?
C2: Was always kinda' partial to Roy Rogers actually. I really dig those sequined shirts.

Good luck, and happy Father's Day!!

Oh and here's a quote from an actor that I totally agree with, bonus points if you can guess who! (of course you'd have to be a bit of nerd but...it's partly in what they're talking about...also, it's not Tobey Maguire or Christian Bale hint hint!!)

Peter Parker is more interesting than Spider-Man and Bruce Wayne is more interesting than Batman — there is conflict within a real person. As a superhero they can be [tough guys], running around and taking care of business. As a regular person, there's a struggle to do good or change things but from within the bounds of reality.
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