June 7th, 2007

The Last Unicorn

Not much to report...

Shocking, eh?

So the answer yesterday was - Seinfeld - Kramer and Jerry

TV Scores:

Sarah: 185
Daniel: 184
Jennifer: 101
Sarah: 104

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 50
Daniel: 39
Jennifer: 54
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

I'm going to be away again since I'm such a busy beaver...so here are the quotes for up until Sunday:

Thursday Quote:

C1: Oh, come on, dude. You're not bored at all?
C2: Do you know how to spell any of these words?
C1: Proudly, I have never heard of any of these words.

Friday Quote:

C1: Well, looks like we kicked your butts.
C2: No. No. She kicked our butts. You could be on the Olympic standing-there team.

Saturday Quote:

C1: Can brains hurt?
C2: Yes, it's hypochondria hour.
C1: No, I'm serious. Last night when I was reading my biology chapters I distinctly heard a ping in the vicinity of my brain.
C2: Your brain pinged?
C1: Yeah. It just went like 'dink.'
C2: Well then, honey, your brain dinked. It didn't ping.

Sunday Movie Quote:

C1: I said, "Help me," not, "Undress me."
C2: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you over that big machine that was going to rip you into pieces!

Good luck!
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