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04 June 2007 @ 09:16 am
I'm having so much trouble sleeping lately and it's driving me nuts. I don't have trouble falling asleep so much as staying asleep. Sucky times.

So anyway, the answer yesterday was "The Prestige" - Tesla (David Bowie), Angiers/The Great D'Anton (Hugh Jackman) Once again Dan gave me his answers verbally.

TV Scores:

Sarah: 179
Daniel: 178
Jennifer: 96
Sarah: 101

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 50
Daniel: 39
Jennifer: 54
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 15

New Quote:

C1: Oh, wait, Rudolph Gottfried.
C2: Another cousin?
C1: No, a Nazi we knew. I’d forgotten. We stayed with him once in Munich. Nice old man. Interesting stories.
C2: You-you socialized with a known Nazi? That’s despicable. That’s heinous.
C1: No, dear, that was a joke.

lol oh the good times!

Current Mood: sleepysleepy