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but I'm really late and I have to put quotes for the whole long weekend 'cause I'm going to the birthday weekend :D

So the answer yesterday was - Seinfeld - Elaine, Kramer, Jerry

TV Scores:

Sarah: 155
Daniel: 164
Jennifer: 86
Sarah: 80

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 45
Daniel: 35
Jennifer: 49
Sarah: 28
Hannah: 12

Friday Quote:

C1: (placing money in the bag) So, we've got five stacks going across. You figure four going longways. Ten stacks in each pile based on the wear and the indentation. I don't know, depending on the denomination, this could easily be five million dollars.
C2: You're kidding.
C1: Yeah, give or take.
C2: You got that from a groove on the side.
C1: Oh come on, any small child could've figured that out.

Saturday Quote:

C1: (To C2) Hey, guess who we saw today?
C2: Ooo, ooo, fun. Liam Neeson! Morley Safer! The woman who cuts my hair!
C3: Okay, look, this could be a really long game.

Sunday Movie Quote:

C1: Where are you going?
C2: To find her.
C3: How?
C2: The traditional way: look!

Monday Quote:

C1: Oh, you gave her an itinerary and she called every consulate in the world.
C2: If we were caught smuggling hash over the border and we were thrown in some Turkish prison, wouldn't you want someone to know that we were in Turkey?
C1: Where'd we get this hash we were smuggling?
C2: You were at a café, you met a guy, he was sweet-talking you, he put the stuff in your purse when you weren't looking.
C1: At least tell me he was cute.
C2: He was not bad for a hash dealer.
C1: Hm.
(They walk into the house)
C3: (calling from the kitchen) I'm making cocoa!
C1: She's making cocoa 'cause you gave her an itinerary.
C2: I may have given her the itinerary, but you're the one who got us busted for drug smuggling.
C1: Reality has absolutely no place in our world.

C3 will not likely be one that you can guess...I don't even know if they're on the character list...but I liked the rest of the quote so deal :P

So yeah...Have a great long weekend everyone!!
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