April 26th, 2007

The Last Unicorn

Birthdayukah starts today!!!

So as I'll be away until Sunday evening I'm going to post all the quotes from now 'til then so you don't have to answer until Sunday if you don't want to...so there you go!!

Not much at all happened yesterday around here...same old, same old...

So the answer yesterday was Psych - Shawn/Psych, Henry/Psych's dad, Gus...also, I gave Sarah P an extra point because I had originally left a character name in the quote because... I'm on drugs or something...I mean no...Jennifer and Sarah are just really psychic!!! So anyway, I figured that was unfair so I that is the story behind the mystery extra point.

TV Scores:

Sarah: 110
Daniel: 124
Jennifer: 81
Sarah: 55

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 24
Daniel: 25
Jennifer: 26
Sarah: 11
Hannah: 4

Here are the quotes for the rest of the week:


C1: Okay, while he's on the phone, everybody owes me 62 bucks for his birthday.
C2: Um, is, is there any chance that you're rounding up? You know, like from, like 20?


C1: Tonight, on ESPN2, hayloft rope swinging!
C2: You better watch, 'cause it might happen.


C1: What's that?
C2: A hammer.
C1: Why does it have feathers on it?
C2: So the rhinestones and bows won't feel lonely.


C1: You took your earpiece out! Vic needs you, now!
C2: I haven't slept in two days!
C1: I'll give you a cookie.
C2: It better be a big one.

Good luck everyone, and Happy Birthdayukah!
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