April 21st, 2007

The Last Unicorn

Once again in a bit of a rush...

We're going to my aunt and uncles anniversary party today and we have to get ready to leave soon...well in an hour but I need a cup of tea or something...and stuff...but I didn't want to not update so here I am.

Last night Sarah (not mah cousin) and I went to Owen Sound for dinner and a movie and had some good times. Except that we were up all late (since we didn't get there until like...6:50 and the showtimes were 6:40 or 9:30 we managed to take about an hour and 10 minutes or so to eat which was pretty good...well, it was partly because there was a 10-15 minute wait but I still count it as being our amazing skill. Then we hung out in the dollar store and Giant Tiger right next to the theatre. So what all of this unnecessary babbling is saying is that we weren't done the movie until 11:30 and then there was the half hour drive home...and Sarah had farther to go! On a side note we discovered that cheap Tuesdays still exist in Owen Sound!! Not like...9 instead of 10 dollars either...it's like $4.20! So you can bet I'm going to take advantage of that! Unless I get a job...but if it's in this area Tuesday could still be my movie night.

Oh and thank you everyone who did the special quiz! You get one bonus point each!

So now that I'm done rambling, the answer yesterday was Friends: Ross and Rachel

TV Scores:

Sarah: 103
Daniel: 110
Jennifer: 70
Sarah: 48

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 18
Daniel: 20
Jennifer: 21
Sarah: 8
Hannah: 4

Ok so the new quote:

C1: You know, this doesn't look like it's headed towards a happy ending, huh?
C2: You know, any ending would make me happier than I've ever been

Good luck! Have a great today/weekend everybody!
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The Last Unicorn

Weird times...

Weird and slightly amusing results...

Your Hot Night Out (LJ) by dfly3007
What you bring along:
Asks you out:dragonfly3007
Where they take you:Their parents' house
While there, you'lleat some bad chicken
Your date will buy youa bouquet of flowers
Suddenly, they show up:cnd_leprechaun
Theylatch onto you and become an annoying third wheel!
At the end of the nightyou remember nothing, and wake up in Mexico with a sombrero...?