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21 March 2007 @ 09:40 am
Ok so I'm in a bit of a hurry today because Auntie Cathy is coming today and the thought suddenly occured to me that she may want to see my room now that I'm all moved in and stuff...I mean it's not horrible looking but I wouldn't want anybody to think it's like this all the time...so rush rush rush

Not too much to report...I sent another resume out...I've kind of stopped telling people that because nothing ever comes of anything so *shrug*

The answer yesterday was Seinfeld: Elaine, Kramer, and Jerry

So here is the awesome score system all figured out...sort of:

TV Scores:

Sarah: 38
Daniel: 44
Jennifer: 38
Sarah: 3

Movie Scores:

Sarah: 5
Daniel: 3
Jennifer: 9
Sarah: 3

Ok so you guys have no idea how long that took...I've cleaned my room since I started 'cause it was taking too long! It's crazy how many more tv quotes there were than movies...I guess for every 1 movie quote there are 6 for tv...so anyway, here is the new quote:

C1: What's the big deal, you know? It's not like it's a real marriage.
C2: What?
C1: If you get married in Vegas, you're only married in Vegas.
C3: What are you talking about? If you get married in Vegas, you're married everywhere.
C1: Really?
C3: Yeah.

Oh yeah! And HIMYM was pretty good times on Monday (or in my case Tuesday): This isn't Barney. But I hear that guy's awesome. lol. Oh the good times.

Have a good day everyone!
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Current Music: You Don't See Me - Josie and the Pussycats