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12 March 2007 @ 10:36 am
I'm still moving at a pretty sluggish rate today...oh well. So yesterday I did...not much...just relaxed. And ate a shrimp ring. But it was small!!! Everyone here was like...you ate the whole thing?? In one sitting? The MADNESS! But they're SHRIMPS...they are small! They even derived an insult from the word!(or an endearment depending on who you are I guess...) So anyway, that's that rant out of the way!

Also, yesterday I was online...and guess what - nobody else was! So no more getting to tell me to go online. I was on for an hour...and a bit...So there!

The answer yesterday was Finding Neverland - Dustin Hoffman (Charles...something, I don't feel the need to look it up because none of you got his character anyway) and Johnny Depp (J.M. Barrie)

The scores are as follows:

Sarah: 13
Dan: 22
Jennifer: 10

Ok so here is the new quote:

C1: So you’re gonna fish to fulfill your destiny?
C2: That’s right.
C1: And you’re gonna learn to fish to fulfill your destiny from a book?
C2: Yes.
C1: And you sanctioned this?
C3: Yes.
C1: Okay, Thelma, Louise, possibly there’s another way to learn to fish.
C2: The Fishing Channel!

Good luck! And Sarah, I'm so glad to hear you're not dead!
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Things I'll Never Say - Avril Lavigne